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Fm87.7 [recommended reading] it's good to buy shampoo containing silicone oil! 52 words of truth, no wrong money for beauty

2019-10-28 3864491

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A lot of people spend a lot of money on their way to beauty, but they don't know what mistakes they have stepped on.
But in fact, as long as we remember these 52 big truths, we don't have to spend any more money to become beautiful! Less detours, better together!
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1. It's normal to lose your hair. Believe in your own hair. You won't get bald if you lose less than 100 hairs every day!
2. Daily shampoo will not lead to hair loss, and scalp oil will not lead to hair loss. Anyway, my hair is going to fall off. It must be cooler than greasy.
3. Shampoo can buy ordinary silicone oil and make hair smoother.
4. When you wash your hair, you don't need to knead the shampoo crazily and apply it directly to your scalp, so it won't make you bald faster.
5. No one has a few white hair, as long as they are not afraid of baldness, they can pull it out if they want.
6. If you want to make your hair black, it's better to save money to dye your hair instead of eating black sesame. Temporary hair dye is recommended.
7. Regular haircuts don't make hair grow faster. If you don't believe it, ask the person with long hair. Although it costs a lot of shampoo, but... It really saves money on haircuts.
8. Similarly, the longer the eyelashes are cut, the longer the body hair is shaved.
9. To be honest, shaving is really troublesome. You can try permanent laser hair removal.
10. It's a good habit to wash and floss. It doesn't loosen the teeth or widen the crevices.
11. After the age of 30, you can also have dental correction. There is no age limit to pursue beauty.
12. Wisdom teeth can't make your face smaller, but chewing gum often can make your face bigger.
13. It's enough to wash your face twice a day. If you wash it too much, it's easy to oil it.
14. cleansing milk is not the more foam, the better, it may stimulate the skin.
15. Towel should not be used to rub face. After washing face, it should be used to absorb water.
16. Do not over clean. As a matter of fact, you don't need to remove your makeup after applying sunscreen.
17. Do not often deep clean and exfoliate. Sometimes it's not a bad thing to be lazy.
18. Blackheads can only be removed by blackheads sticking, which can only "bring forth new life in spring", and may also make pores bigger.
19. The pores are thick, so it is impossible to wash face alternately with hot and cold water.
20. If you have acne, you can eat spicy food, but you'd better not eat sweet food and drink less milk.
21. It's very dangerous to squeeze pimples and leave pimples marks. Aloe gel can't help you.
22. Skin care products are the best for you regardless of age.
23. Skin care products contain preservatives. It's OK to use them at ease, as long as they don't expire.
24. mask does not need to be applied every day. The homemade mask is even more useless. Homemade lipstick is also used.
25. Pig's feet and fish glue are not beautiful.
26. Egg white, cucumber, lemonade, milk... It's good to eat and drink, but don't expect whitening.
27. Eating soy sauce will not turn black.
28. If you want to turn white, sun protection is the king, including cloudy days.
29. Instead of spending a lot of money on whitening pills and needles, it's better to buy a sun umbrella and a bottle of sunscreen.
30. The SPF value of sunscreen is not the higher the better, too high will often increase the burden on the skin.
31. the SPF value of foundation looks good, it can not replace sunscreen.
32. Also pay attention to eyes and lips for sun protection. People wearing sunglasses not only look cool, but also do a good job of sunscreen.
33. In order to have a good skin, it's also important not to smoke.
34. Weight is just a number, not a stock. Don't pay too much attention to the rise and fall. Rising doesn't mean losing weight.
35. Whether you are really fat or not, don't just look at your weight. Only if your body fat rate exceeds the standard can you be really fat.
36. Don't envy others for being thin. If you eat too much, you will be fat. Maybe... You're just fatter.
37. It doesn't matter if you're fat. Give you a perfect excuse: busy doesn't make you fat, but it does.
38. Belt, leg cream and fat slinger can't make you thin. The essence of weight loss is always one thing - keep your mouth in check and start your legs.
39. Keeping your mouth shut is not a diet. Dieting will only make your body lose water and muscle quickly, not fat.
40. It's a blessing to accept that you can eat. Your stomach won't be starved because you are on a diet.
41. Neither breakfast nor dinner can make you thin.
42. But the good news is that eating a night snack has nothing to do with gaining weight, but we are not talking about the night snack of "barbecue hot pot spicy hot pot".
43. Drink some light soup before meals, which can help you eat less and lose weight. But if you are full after meals and have another cup of yogurt, you won't be able to lose weight if you eat more.
44. Although there is no thinner food, try to change the main food. In life, it's always good to try different things.
45. We should also eat meat to lose weight, but we should not drink alcohol.
46. In addition to keeping your mouth in check, you should also open your legs. If you exercise, you will consume fat. It has nothing to do with the length of exercise or with not sweating.
47. Although exercise can consume fat, it needs to reach a certain intensity to lose weight. It's good to take a walk occasionally, but don't expect to lose weight.
48. High temperature Yoga is even worse. It's very dangerous if you don't do it well.
49. Jogging is a good way to lose weight. Don't worry about it.
50. It's better not to sit down immediately after running, rather than making your butt bigger, you should walk and stretch first to avoid discomfort.
51. Anyone wants to have thin legs, but it's useless to stand against the wall.
52. In fact, the principle of the humpback orthotic device is similar to that of the underwear. It only uses external force to make you look good temporarily. If you want to cure a hunchback, you should wear professional orthopedic equipment.
Remember these, let's be beautiful together!
Spend less money on the road to beauty!
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